Friday, October 12, 2018

Excellent Story on Caleb Bright

The Blade has a really good follow-up story on the Caleb Bright situation.  This was incredibly frightening, in fact.  Caleb's Father believes that if it wasn't for the immediate response of the medical and training staff, that Caleb's life was in danger.  (See Jordan McNair).

Medically, he was 100% satisfied with the care given to Caleb.  He was less satisfied that no full-time staff member stayed with Caleb while he was in the hospital in Atlanta overnight, and he raised that concern to the University.  BG has accepted responsibility for the decision, apologized (at the Presidential level) to the family, and has created new procedures to ensure that the situation is handled appropriately in the future.

Obviously, you'd like to see everything handled the way it should be all the time, but we also know life doesn't work that way.

With that in mind...

Good for Mr. Bright for speaking up
Good for the University for taking action medically
Good for the University for accepting responsibility and taking steps for the future

And thank heavens Caleb is OK.  So frightening.  It is a reminder that these young men take risks to play football for BG...something we should never forget.  Everyone involved is a human being.

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