Monday, August 28, 2017

Jinks Presser

So I watched Coach Jinks' presser for the opening week.  Not too much of note, but a couple things.

I suppose the biggest thing is the program's "identity."  Last year, BG finished with wins because it stopped trying to Air Raid the ball all over the place and buckled down and ran the ball like crazy, getting multiple 100-yard rushers each week.  I think a lot of people wondered how indelible that identity was going to be once there were better receivers and a more experienced QB.

Coach said that the running game is going to be our identity.  We are going to run and by physical.  So that will be interesting to see.

He indicated that Matt Domer and Bryson Denley could see action as well.

Finally, he was big on Khole Coleman-Abrams.  This is the young man from Hoover High in AL.  He's a true FR LB.  Coach says they'd like to redshirt him, but "he won't let us."  He's on the two-deep as backup MLB.  This is pretty interesting.  He certainly wasn't a highly recruit player, but he's making his mark very early for BG.  With Locke a SR, Abrams has the ability to lock that position down.


Flip said...

Re Coleman...watched his sr film on Hudl again. Quick to the ball and he hits like a truck

Orange said...

Sounds great. Obviously was a diamond in the rough, something that is key for programs like ours.

J Michael Wherley said...

Hoover, AL is a BIG time program. can't wait to see him on the field!

Perry Boise said...

I'm looking forward to see what Matt Domer can do after his injury last year.