Saturday, August 26, 2017

Falcon NFL Update

NFL Update....

Some less than good news.

Jude Adjei-Barimah (TB) and Gabe Martin (AZ) were both waived/injured.  You can see below what that means...they could do on IR (which would be best case) but it is possible that it also signals their release from their teams.

By my count, that leaves Chris Jones (SF) and Roger Lewis (NYG) as the Falcons in the NFL.  (UPDATE:  By my WRONG count, FYI.  Izaah Lunsford is on the Packers roster and listed as the #3 DE in a 3-4.   Gehrig Dieter also remains in the KC camp.

4. Up until the final cutdown date, injured players with less than four years of service cannot go onto IR without first passing through waivers. Those players are released with the “waived/injured” designation. Known as “injury waivers,” this process exposes the player to waivers, but warns other teams that the player is injured. If the player clears injury waivers, the team can then either place the player on IR or agree to an injury settlement (paying the player for the weeks that he is expected to be recovering from his injury) and then release the player.

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