Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Jinks Clarifies QB Situation

So, here's the QB news I think we all expected.  As I speculated over the weekend, I think they have more confidence in Doege, but would like to put a year between him and Morgan, eligibility-wise if it can at all be pulled out.  But, any minor injuries or garbage time reps will go to Loy.

We didn't do much with Loy because he was a walk-on, but this is a really interesting story.  He didn't really blossom as a QB until his senior year due to a broken back as a sophomore.  He was also a highly decorated basketball player.  Check this article.  The lengths that this dude went to get into college football--before BG, he was signed to play at Dodge City Community College in Kansas--are pretty inspiring  Little surprise that he has worked his way up the BG Depth Chart.

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