Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Falcon MBB Captain Launches Podcast

Brent Klassen was a member of the last BG basketball team that I would say was truly relevant in a MAC race.  Yes, I know BG won the regular season in 2009, but the last time you really felt people circled BG on the schedule was that long ago, the 2001-02 team that made the MAC Final and lost to KSU.  That was the last pre-WVU year...and I have written plenty about how that is a turning point in Falcon basketball, which has struggled to reach those heights again.

Klassen was a co-captain and co-MVP of that team.  Well, he's stayed interested in the game--and the mid-Major game--and has launched a podcast to talk about mid-major basketball.  It's called "Bringing up the Middle" and the landing page will tell you how to subscribe.

He appears to have a good sense of humor, as you can see here.

I haven't listened yet, but I plan to listen on the way to work tomorrow.  Falcon fans should do the same!

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