Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Way it Was Part II

Ok.  Last post on the game.

Let's look at the various units...

First, offense.  BG finished the game with 5.1 yards per play.  I know that sounds like a lot, but it isn't.  So far this year, 104 of 128 teams are averaging better than that.  (For the year, BG is 123rd and 4.5 yards per play).  Given our style of play--and our issues up front and in the back end--BG simply has to generate more than this...and this game was against a team where it could have happened.

BG ran the ball effectively.  Fred Coppet had 5.6 yards per carry and Wilson 4.4, though he comes in for shorter-yardage plays.  BG made 29 first downs and 11 of them were running.  And BG was playing without Josh Cleveland.  Overall, BG had 4.9 yards per carry which would put you in the top 40 in the country.

BG struggled a little more to pass the ball.  They ended up with a 50% completion percentage and 10.9 yards per completion, which is not a good combination.  If you are going to complete that low a number, you need to be getting more yards.  That's only 5.3 yards per attempt.  (that yards per attempt number would be 124th in the country and the yards per completion would be 112th).

Put another way, EMU had 262 passing yards on 30 attempts and BG had had 250 on 47 attempts.

Positives...Morgan threw only 1 pick and that was on a hail mary, so who cares?  He was sacked twice on 48 passes, which is not bad.  He did move around in the pocket.  He did get one first down conversion running and was set up for another but ran into his own guy.

Last odd thing about the pass game.  Morgan completed 23 passes, and Scotty Miller caught 11 of them.  That's not a great sign and a symptom of what Knapke was dealing with.  Ronnie Moore caught only 1, had a couple drops and spent the 4th Q on the bench...not sure if he was injured or not.  There were fewer drops overall, but I'm not sure if BG receivers are not getting open or maybe Morgan was just locked onto Miller.  Teo Redding had a great circus grab and was interfered with a couple times.  In this offense, it just seems like we need to get more WRs involved.

BG was 5 of 15 on third down...which is poor, but 2 of 2 on 4th down, making them 7 of 15 on those plays combined...which is better.  BG was 4 of 5 in the red zone,  with the only fail coming on a missed FG.

The point is this.  The offense was improved but still nowhere near even an average offense, and this was against a team that is, at best, in the middle of our conference.

The defense.

BG gave up 6.3 yards per play, which would put you 117th in the nation.  I do think the defense did a good job keeping the Falcons in the game and I think we had better be able to win games when we give up 28.

Overall, the run defense was solid to a little above average.  EMU had 4.7 yards per carry.  Breck Turner had good success at 6.3 yards per carry and Ian Eriksen had less success.  Todd Porter had some nice runs while he was in the game.  Also, when EMU needed to run at the end, they did it with ease.

The pass defense was less effective.  EMU completed 21 of 30, which is obviously really good.  With the big plays--the double pass and the big TD reception on the 50/50 ball with Mack, they were able to get their averages up to 8.7 per attempt and 12.5 per completion.  If you can complete 60% over 12 yards a completion, you are usually tough to beat.

BG had zero sacks and little pressure overall.  Coach Jinks agreed after the game that BG needs to get more pressure.  It would help our secondary immensely if they had to cover for less time.  Right now, it is the worst of all pressure and a struggling secondary.  Obviously, blitzing would be an option, but if you don't get home (and BG didn't a couple times) you're even more exposed.

BG had only one TFL for the game.

BG did get one INT which led to the only first half score.  EMU was 7 of 14 on third, which is good, and 3 TDs in three real red zone trips.  Also, BG tackled much better than they did the week before, though I suspect these guys were easier to tackle.  Gus Schweiterman continues to be very productive.  The former walk-on had a big fumble recovery and a hurry.

Special teams.

Well, more later.  BG a missed 30 yard FG, and has the second-worst kickoff returns in the nation, including nearly messing up the downing of the opening kickoff, which isn't on any stats sheet.  Davidson punted very well, but the EMU actually netted more.  BG did ok on defending kickoffs, though they clearly do not trust our guys to defend an open field return.

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