Monday, October 10, 2016

Jinks Presser: It isn't a rivalry until the other team wins

Coach Jinks came out for his presser. His demeanor hasn't changed on Mondays...he's calm, in control, trying to work through the issues facing the team.

He had some interesting things to say about rivalries.  First, he says he hasn't really been a part of one.  He said Texas Tech is so far in West Texas that they don't have any natural rivalries.  Apparently (he did not mention this) Steele didn't either...or San Angelo State.  Anyway, he says he hasn't been a part of games like this and he is looking forward to it.

Toledo is all anyone has talked to him about since he got off the plane.  He noted that in his view it isn't a rivalry until BG wins a game...which it hasn't in a very long time.

Also, he notes, correctly, that we need this.

Here's the word he used to describe the first half of the season:  debacle.

Which is a good one.

He says we aren't that far away.  We shall see.  I hope he's right.

Looking back at OU, he said we were on the road in a hostile environment.  (Wait until Saturday....).  You cannot turn the ball over 3 times and expect to win.  Morgan had one bad pick, and then one where Marquis Zimmerman was tackled and the ball was intercepted.  (Jinks called it "questionable.")  Josh Cleveland fumbled on his first carry in 3 weeks.

He was asked about what you do about the turnovers.   He said that you can do turnover drills, but it comes down to execution.  He likened it to tackle drills.  He says we tackle more than any team in the country.  (Clawson used to say this, too).  The guys know how to tackle, they just have to do it.

He said he was proud of the defense and the staff and that they kept us in the game at OU, and I would agree.  He also said they have simplified the defense and our guys are playing faster and they are protecting the younger players in the back end better and they are keeping plays in front of them.  (Is this evidence they might know what they are doing as coaches?  Asking for a friend).

He said he was very hard on Morgan after the game, but after looking at the tape he thinks Morgan kept the team in the game.  Said he might have avoided six sacks with his feet and then made nice pays when he was outside the pocket.

He mentioned a couple times that he was a QB and therefore is harder on the QB.  He says it is "always the quarterback's fault, period."  But, Morgan has a big arm, can take a shot, is durable.

Other player news.

Robert Jackson has played well over the last couple of weeks

Donovan Wilson is not in the mix right now.  He said  Coppet has separated himself a little bit and will get goal line carries.  Also, they have to get Josh Cleveland on the field for the change of pace, when he is healthy.

Hunter Folkerstema is having a good season in the "20" sets, blocking and pass protection.

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