Wednesday, October 12, 2016

ICSTR: Special Teams Improvement??

If you read this blog, you know that I started in 2009 using my own system for evaluating special teams play for Bowling Green.   You can read the full introduction and see the scoring system here, should such a thing interest you.  The basic idea is that you get positive points for good plays outside the middle area of the bell curve on the right and negative points on the left.  The system doesn't care if you get to the 26 or 28 on a kickoff or if you make a short FG...make a long FG or miss an easy one, now we're talking.

It was actually BG's best game in a while.  BG tied OU....both teams were +5.  BG only had one negative play, which means KO returns at least got to the 25 and we didn't miss any makeable FGs.  Meanwhile, BG had three touchbacks on KOs and two points on punts.  Now, OU ended up +5...they had six points alone from their punter sticking BG inside the 10 and their negatives mostly came from a missed FG and a missed XP.

Here is how it broke out.

BG Positive (+6)

Punt inside 20 (+1)
Kickoff touchback (+1)
79 yd net punt (+1)
Kickoff touchback (+1)
KOR to 37 (+1)
Kickoff touchback (+1)

BG Negative (-1)

Penalty on PR puts ball on 10 (-1)

OU Positive (+9)

Kickoff touchback (+1)
45 FG (+1)
Kickoff touchback (+1)
Punt inside 10 (+2)
Punt inside 10 (+2)
Punt inside 10 (+2)

OU Negative (-4)

PR penalty leads to 60 yard net (-1)
Missed xp (-1)
BG KOR to 37 (-1)
Missed 38 FG (-1)

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