Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sweet Victory #9: A note on neutral field

One last note from the big win yesterday before we do the stats review and special teams review.  For now, just a note on the question of a neutral field.

I was against moving our season-ending game last year to Columbus.  There were a bunch of reasons why, but mostly because if the game means something, you have decided to play it on a neutral field.  It worked out better than I thought, but it still wasn't worth it.

Buffalo was bit by the same thing yesterday.  They reported having 26,000...I don't know if they did or not, but let's say they did.  That's a huge MAC crowd.  In the UB stadium, the place is jammed and rocking.  At the Ralph, it was just swallowed up.  Then, add the visual of 50,000 seats empty and covered in snow and an unfamiliar environment...I just think Buffalo lost an advantage in the game and one that could have made a difference.

I understand the issues with attendance on these Friday games and the desire to switch things up.  BG moving to Columbus was to get our alumni base there to the game...that makes more sense than playing the game in your home town but in a different stadium.  (Similarly, BG played Wisconsin at Browns Stadium for a good reason.)

Anyway, I will note that the rest of the MAC teams yesterday played in their home stadiums and some drew as well as BG did at Crew Stadium.  I just don't think its a good idea to take what could be a championship game and give away the home field advantage.

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