Friday, November 08, 2013

Earlham Preview

So, BG starts their men's basketball season Saturday with a game against Earlham.  You might not know too much about Earlham--I didn't--so here's some basic info.

  • DIII, plays in the Heartland College Athletic Conference with Defiance and Bluffton, among others.
  • Their nickname is the Quakers.
  • School was founded in 1847.
  • It is in Richmond, IN.
  • There are about 1,200 undergraduates at the school.
  • They were 4-21 last year and are picked to finish last in their conference.
  • I don't see where they played a DI game last year, but apparently this is an exhibition game for them, so maybe it wouldn't show up.
  • Their tallest player is 6'6" but his name is Kirk Douglas.
Essentially, I can't see us learning very much about the Falcons from this game.  The Quakers should not be able to compete or even hang around with the Falcons...

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