Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Clawson Presser---BIG Game Edition

Coach Clawson held his weekly presser day before the normal presser...I watched so you don't have to.  We have left out the obligatory Tuesday=Wednesday question which comes in an off week and seems constantly interesting to someone every week.  Anyway....

Coach said EMU was a "tricky" game.  But, he said BG had a great locker room, guys fired up and hungry to play.  He said that culture and leadership delivered the game for BG.

Moving on to Buffalo...he said the Bulls are a complete football team...without a weakness.

He said the two teams are similar.  Last year, both teams had strong defenses but struggled on offense.  This year, both teams have stronger QB the case of Buffalo, they have the same guy but Coach said he is playing a lot better.

On defenses, Buffalo rushes the passer very well.  He said BG needs to stay on wont convert many 3rd and 9s...Coach said.  The pass rush also creates turnovers--interceptions and fumbles.

They talked about this game being in an NFL Stadium.  Buffalo says they are expecting 20,000 peopler Saturday, although there seems to be a lot of doubt as to whether those people will actually show up.  Even so, the big stadium reduces crowd noise and takes away any home field advantage

In essence, it is a neutral site game.  This was one of my points last year with the game in Columbus.  You take a game which could be decisive and you move it to a neutral field and you say your team is committed to championships.  Just doesn't make any sense.  At least Buffalo's is in the same city.

Anyway, Coach also reminisced about playing a HS game in the stadium...known as Rich Stadium.  He was the HS QB and his TB was a guy named Darryl Johnston, who ended up playing for an organization known as the Dallas Cowboys.  Coach said he threw 3 INTs in the game.

Finally, BG is playing off the short week.  Buffalo had a few extra days.  BG used the dead time around the OU and EMU games to have the coaches--not the players--break down the Buffalo film and be ready with a game plan to hit the ground running.

There will be a lot more to say about the game moving forward, but that's what Coach had to say.

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