Friday, November 01, 2013

Clawson Presser

So Coach Clawson has his presser this week.  We watched it so you don't have to.  Piling through the stuff that was mostly about the team's emotional state and (this is the best part) yet another recitation of how the team makes Monday's into Fridays, etc, for weekday games...piling through that, now we have

He talked about Miami a little.  The point is, we need every game now to get where we want to go.  Miami may be winless, but we have to be focused on winning the game.  Boucher is injured and out for the year, and they have 2 is a passer and one is a rusher--their leading rusher.  That creates some uncertainty.

Their attack under their interim coach has become more traditional, though they are running some options still.

Coach was asked if they considered moving Boo Boo back to Rover, with Martin injured.  Coach said that BG is already thin at S, so it doesn't really work.  Also, high safety is a hard position to learn, whereas Rover is relatively simple.

He talked about a couple of our young guys...

He says that Brian Sutton has "quietly become a very good player for us."  He is backing up at Rover and has also been a very good special teams player.  He's a good one.

Boo at Rover?  No....too thin at Safety

Rover one of the easiest positions to learn in BG's defense

He also said that true FR Isaiah Gourdine has been getting rover reps.  He's one of the few freshmen BG has not red-shirted.  He is a very solid player.  Coach can't see where he will eventually play...if he gets up to 230, for example, he might be able to play LB.

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