Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sweet Victory #7

We'll have more tomorrow.  It is late...let's just say this.  If you thought this team needed quicker starts, I give you tonight.  If you thought this team needed to beat a team with a winning record, I give you tonight.  If you're going to tell me even after all that, something was wrong with OU--and clearly, something is not right inside Camp Frank--then I'm going to say that you just are determined not to give this team the credit they deserve for the win tonight.

BG stepped on OU and stepped on them hard, scoring twice in the first three minutes to go up 14-0, romping to a 49-0 win and closing with the shut out.  Unbelievably, in the six quarters since halftime at Buffalo, they have been outscored 72-0.  Equally unbelievable is that since the UT game, BG has outscored its opponents 94-3.  In all cases, these are conference games.

Today was just a total team domination.  The defense held OU to 9 first downs....and when BG went up 42-0 early in the 3rd, OU had 2 first downs.  The Bobcats had 172 yards of total offense, 2.8 yards per play.  Meanwhile, BG ended up with 460 yards of total offense despite pulling back on the stick in the second half.

It was a complete victory on both sides of the ball. I feel like the team gathered itself after the UT loss and has stepped up the level of play.  What you saw before that game was a team playing well enough to win, normally.  What you see now is a team that is confident and playing as well as they are capable...oh, and without Chris Gallon and Gabe Martin.

Let's enjoy the last 2 (or 4) games.  This team has a shot to win the East and is playing well enough to beat anybody in the conference.  We've waited a long time to be playing games like this in November...let's enjoy the ride.

Final note for tonight...Coach Clawson thanked the people at the game tonight.  I was was cold.  It feels a lot better to win 49-0 and be thanked for being there than it does to have your team blow the game and have the Coach blame the crowd...enough about that.  Thanks for the thanks, Coach.

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Anonymous said...

Great game. Go Falcons.