Monday, November 18, 2013

OU Benchmark report

OK, so catching up on some stuff from the OU game before we head into looking ahead at the EMU game coming up this Saturday at Rynearson.  

Here is the benchmark report.  Nothing too surprising.  BG continues to have above average negative passing plays, but made up for it with eye-popping numbers....65% completion and 19 yards per reception.  I doubt if too many teams have lost with those numbers this year.  BG was also perfect in the red zone.

Usually, the % of 3rd down plays doesn't reveal too much, but here I think it does.  BG ran only 16% 3rd down plays...1 in 6, while OU ran 26%.  If you went three and out on every possession, it would be 33%, so 26% is a pretty high number.  Just to say this...hard to win with that many third down plays and then converted only 25% of 3rd and 4th down plays...that's trouble.

With the sacks taken out, OU got virtually no passing game going at all.  OU's sacks allowed were twice the MAC average.

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