Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tardy Spring Game Report

So, you might think from reading this blog that I have no life, and I'd object to that just a little bit.  I'd say I almost have no life.  Anyway, I was not at the spring game but I have picked up some comments from Coach's perspective.

Here's the thing about scrimmages:  everything cuts both ways.  You get a huge play from the offense, but you never know whether it was a great offensive play or a poor defensive play.  Also, with depth issues, you never know when a play was made at the expense of a guy who was completely over-matched.

Anyway, the key thing is that Coach feels this team is mature.  As he notes, "we are no longer a young football team."  And, he hopes not to be young again.  If you recruit well, you should have a steady stream of maturing guys, as we see in the programs in the MAC that are good consistently. He doesn't feel they had any bad practices this season.

So, a few notes from Coach's presser"

Shaun Joplin made a play--he needs one like that every game.

He is very high on Kendall Montgomery and gave Montgomery some of the credit for the struggles that Schilz had in comparison to Matt Johnson, who had the better game on paper.  Montgomery had a sack and two break ups and sounds like he wreaked havoc.  Or, the T wasn't any good.

Travis Greene had a big game with 88 yards, but Coach noted he had better blocking to work with.  He praised Andre Givens for his spring as well and said he just had poorer blocking.

D-line Taylor was injured but no details were available.

There were some snafus on special teams.  However, Tyler Tate made 2 chip shots and missed a 50+ FG.

And that will close the football down for the spring.  Certainly, MAC football is very competitive, but  this is a year we have pointed to for a long time.  The key story lines are at QB, WR and the D-line.  It certainly will be exciting to see how everything turns out.

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