Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Game By Game Results, the Reckoning

So, at the beginning of the season, I go through and predict how I think we're going to do, game by game.  This year's effort was hampered a little because we were in that NIT tournament which meant that you didn't know who we were playing for a few of our games, and then there was the bracket buster which was the same deal.

So, for the 26 games that remained after that...I picked 20 right and got 6 wrong, which I am actually pretty happy with.  I didn't see us beating Detroit or Kent (and those remain the best wins of the season) and also I thought we would lose at home to EMU (I am not sure why) and I thought we would lose @NIU (that one looks really stupid) and I did see us beating Youngstown State at the Stroh and @CMU, both of which are among our worst losses of the season.

Ultimately, we over-achieved based on what I expected by two games.

I predicted we would win one road game...and I was right, I just had the wrong one.

Anyway, the final point is that there weren't too many surprises...we got pretty much the season we could have expected given who we lost and who we had coming back and who we were playing.

Nov. 12-14 Preseason NIT Cleveland State L RIGHT
Nov. 27 Detroit L WRONG
Dec. 1 Youngstown State W WRONG
Dec. 3 Wright State W RIGHT
Dec. 8 Samford W RIGHT
Dec. 18 Michigan State L RIGHT
Dec. 21 at South Florida L RIGHT
Dec. 28 at North Dakota L RIGHT
Dec. 31 at Temple L RIGHT
Jan. 9 at Central Michigan* W WRONG
Jan. 12 Eastern Michigan* L WRONG
Jan. 16 at Miami* L RIGHT
Jan. 19 at Buffalo* L RIGHT
Jan. 23 Kent State* L WRONG
Jan. 26 at Toledo* L RIGHT
Jan. 30 Akron* L RIGHT
Feb. 2 Ball State* W RIGHT
Feb. 6 at Northern Illinois* L WRONG
Feb. 9 at Ohio* L RIGHT
Feb. 13 Western Michigan* W RIGHT
Feb. 16 at Akron* L RIGHT
Feb. 21 New Orleans W RIGHT
Feb. 27 Miami* W RIGHT
March 2 Ohio* L RIGHT
March 5 at Kent State* L RIGHT
March 8/9 Buffalo* W RIGHT

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