Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Spring Practice Report....Gallon Injury Won't Require Surgery

Coach Clawson was interviewed today after BG's morning practice ("Rise and Grind") and he had just a couple of interesting nuggets.

WR Chris Gallon has a minor fracture which will not require surgery and he should be available to the program no later than June and therefore well prior to the opening of camp.  Overall, Coach says the WRs are playing better and while they are not there yet, they are a step above where they were last year.

There have been no bad practices.

Kendall Montgomery is apparently making quite an impression with regular d-line reps.

The O-line is better, though the D-line is depleted.  BG has depth, but Coach doesn't know if some of the younger guys are ready to play a whole game.  They all have a chance to be good.

That is all.

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