Sunday, April 28, 2013

MAC Draft Round Up

 So, here is the final list of MAC players who were drafted over the last few days.

Because of a MAC player doing first overall, it has to go down as the most significant draft ever for the conference.  It is sort of just sinking is simply amazing.  The last non-QB to be drafted #1 from a non-BCS school was Too Tall Jones in 1974.  It is a huge honor for him and well deserved.  He is an achiever.

Hilariously, the CMU people have actually turned this on Dan Enos, saying HOW HOW could that team not have been better with a #1 draft pick on the field.

It was a better year than last year, too.  Last year, five were picked and four of those were in the last 2 rounds.  This year, seven were picked and four were in the last 2 rounds.

Overall, I was surprised at Steven Means, I had not seen too much that suggested he was a likely pick, especially in the 5th round and ahead of Chris Jones.  I thought Fisher and Winters would be the first two to go and they were.

I was worried about Dysert.  In fact, I thought he was 50/50.  The worst part was that I was following the draft on Draft Tracker on ESPN, and they had him listed as the "best available" on the screen for about an hour before he was picked.  I don't think Denver is a bad situation.  He gets the opportunity to develop under Manning and while they have one other guy ahead of him, he has some time to catch him.

I was surprised that Herman fell as far as he did.

Anyway, here is the list.  Once UDFAs are firmed up, we'll have more on that.  Jordon Roussos is on his way to Seattle but there seem to have been a larger number of UDFA signings yesterday.

1st Round: OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan (No. 1 overall), Kansas City Chiefs

3rd Round: OL Brian Winters, Kent State (No. 72 overall), New York Jets

5th Round: DL Steven Means, Buffalo (No. 147 overall), Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6th Round: DT Chris Jones, Bowling Green (No. 198 overall), Houston Texans

7th Round: OL Eric Herman, Ohio (No. 225 overall), New York Giants

7th Round: QB Zac Dysert, Miami (No. 234 overall), Denver Broncos

7th Round: RB Michael Cox, UMass (No. 253 overall), New York Giants

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