Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Orr Looks Ahead

It has been largely radio silence inside the BG Men's Basketball program since the defeat to the Redhawks at the Stroh and then the subsequent announcement that Coach Orr would complete his contract, followed by a lot of speculation that people felt the University didn't have the political will to buy Orr out given issues with faculty layoffs and then the AD left.

Usually, Coach Orr does a year end presser, but he didn't this year.

So, in today's Blade we have a brief sit-down with Coach Orr and John Wagner of The Blade.

It is interesting as far as it goes, and I recommend you check it out.

A couple of notes from my end.

First, Coach Orr says that he understands his responsibility is to the players and therefore he will not vary his coaching.  He will do what is right for the team.

I believe he will.  He will do what is right.  He is aware of what the situation is, but he is a professional and I believe his faith strengthens him as it relates to thinking about his future.  If he is true to the word, it means he won't being taking actions designed to "save his job" but do what is right for the program.

Second, he says that he has two scholarships, but it is only "possible" that he will use them.

I think this is reasonable.  Look, I don't know what is going to happen.  It is difficult to imagine what kind of circumstances would result in a new contract for Orr with a new AD...and if you did try that, you'd have to think about some kind of amazing success next year and it is just as difficult to see how that could happen.  (My review of the offense came out this week and note that BG is losing more than half of what little scoring they had).

Given all that, I think the new Coach should have the ability to use those scholarships.  With Orr in a lame duck year and it being late already, it is difficult to imagine a player with options coming to BG.  I would not object to a JUCO player, but I'd hate to see a 4-year commitment right now.

Third, he talks up Josh Gomez.

This is a wildcard, as it relates to next year.  He's been practicing with the team for the last year, so they have an idea what they have.  Doesn't mean the coaches aren't subject to wishful thinking, but they have seen him.  They envision him stretching defenses (ie, shooting from the outside at 6'10") and being an offensive force.  Here is what I wrote when he transferred.  He played at a very good NYC HS program, but averaged 5.5 points per game, which means if he does develop as an offensive threat, he will be doing something he didn't even do in HS

Which doesn't mean he won't.

Anyway, check the article out for yourself...those are my thoughts.  I don't enjoy being so negative, but I just don't see any other way to look at next year.  If it develops another way, I'll be thrilled.  My review of defense will be out tomorrow, and it does have some surprising data.  BG was much better defensively than I would have thought.

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