Saturday, April 06, 2013

Friday Night Football Scrimmage

The football team held a scrimmage on Friday night.  Not a huge amount of news generated.  We have certainly beaten this horse to death, but scrimmages are tough.  Offense does well and it reflects on the defense and vice versa.  And both sides of the ball had their moments.

Most of the moments belonged to the defense.  Coach estimated that the defense controlled the first 2/3 of the scrimmage.

During that time, he felt the offense was very sloppy, no rhythm, false starts, etc.  Toward the end, the offense came alive.

Coach said Shaun Joplin made a big play.  He said Givens had a big day, making people miss and picking up yards.  He said that Givens is playing better, understands the offense, playing faster.  The shortage of RBs this Spring has provided additional reps, which he has benefitted from.

Hopgood starting to look healthy again.  Coach says he is healthier than in two years, and he had some nice plays.

Converted WR Travis Greene very good in space.

Coach said that the offense lacks consistency and that is an issue.  Part of it is probably the rotating off the three QBs (he said) but that's not the whole issue.  Asked if he can put his finger on sluggish starts.  "Nope."

The rest of Coach's comments were about how Friday's spring game will proceed...

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