Monday, January 21, 2013

Orr Presser, Ankle Edition

Coach Orr talked to the media down at BG today.  Here's a short capsule of what he talked about.  He was unusually interesting today.

First, here's the stat of the day from the BGSU Athletic Department.

The Falcons, though, have been tied or held a lead in the final 10 minutes in 15 of those 17 games. Six times Bowling Green has attempted a shot in the final 10 seconds with a chance to tie or win the game.
I doubt if there are too many teams in 6-11 teams in D1 that can say that.  Obviously, you aren't that far off.  Just amazing to think you can be in that many games and not have more wins.

Coach was asked about the last possessions.  He said that it was good news to still have a chance...which you can't disagree with, or at least it is better than the alternative.  He said "for the most part" we have gotten "pretty good" shots.  Not sure what he's seeing there.  He said that the ball "ended up" in Jordon's hands most of the time, which is (my observation now) primarily because it never leaves his hands.

Anyway, he doesn't think it is a self-fulfilling prophecy and he thinks that the team has confidence.

He was asked about injuries.  Clarke and Erger both have sprained ankles and will not play Wednesday and it didn't seem like their return was likely soon in either case.  Craig Sealey only played 2 minutes against Buffalo due to fouls.  He was and is available.

Finally, he was asked to talk about Holmes and Black, and why Black starts.

Coach said that Black is the best post defender we have and among the best in the league.  His help defense is strong and he often gets there before a blocked shot is needed.  On offense, he has developed into a good low post player who plays with his back to the basket.

Holmes, meanwhile, is a freaky (obviously my word, not his) athlete and a great shot blocker who needs to learn to play better help defense.  On offense, he is much more of a face the basket guy, though he is very, very active and strong on lobs and alley oops.

He said they compliment each other and could be on the floor at the same time.

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