Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Falcon Football Verbal

The Falcons have another Floridian in the fold.  This one is Ronnie Moore, who actually has been speculated on by the papers in Florida.  Down there, they have sort of categorized him as an athlete, but ESPN is showing him as a CB.

The Orlando Sentinel has given him the Central Florida "Ironman" award.  That's because he was a running back, slot receiver, CB, Safety, kick returner and therefore rarely came off the field.  He also filled in at QB during the state playoffs when there was an injury.

He is another UC refugee, though not as directly as the other two players we have.  He was set to fly to Cincy for a visit when Butch Jones left and he didn't proceed with the visit.

Then, I guess UC got involved again, because the paper said it was BG vs. Bearcat a couple of days ago, and apparently BG has won the commitment.  Here is what the paper said about him.

No. 1 was area's No. 1 do-it-all player. Six INTs and 27 tackles as defensive back. Rushed for 939 yards and 13 TDs, plus 484 yards and four TDs receiving, and 371 return yards. And as QB for good measure, he was 21-of-32 passing for 332 yards.

Coach Clawson likes to say that we want "football players," which means we want guys who play the game and are not one-dimensional athletes.  If so, it surely sounds like Moore qualifies.

BG now has 23 commits...21 HS players, a D1 transfer and a JUCO transfer.  8 of the players are from Florida.

Welcome to the Falcons, Ronnie.

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