Monday, January 28, 2013

Clawson Contract Extended to 2018

Good news on the football front, Coach Clawson's contract has been extended through the 2018 season.  This announcement came out of BGSU this morning.  The financial terms are not disclosed but the contract is public record and sooner or later someone will get a copy of it--USA Today, if no one else.

This means that Clawson is signed for six more seasons at BG.  It doesn't mean he will coach at BG for six years, but it is a show of good faith from the University in retaining him.  Depending on how it is structured and what he is actually earning, it could help to keep him here.  Ultimately, that's an unknown.

He's been a good coach who took over a dumpster fire of a program and has shown tremendous programs in all areas, on and off the field.  This is exactly what he was hired to do, and the extension is entirely appropriate for exactly that reason.  It is a long extension--and at the end of these things, you sometimes wish they were shorter--but I think it is the right way to go.  I think he is a proven coach who clearly understands how to compete here and we'd be hard pressed to find someone better at any point.

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