Saturday, January 19, 2013

Falcons Lose Assistant Football Coach

BG's linebacker coach, Clark Lea, has left to become an assistant at Syracuse.  He coached LBs at BG last year for one season.  Before that, he coached at UCLA for three years.  When he came to BG, you kind of had the feeling he wasn't going to stay forever, but it should be noted that BG had outstanding LB play last year as part of a dominant defensive.

There is no word on what Lea will coach at Syracuse, which is planning to announce their assistants all at once.

Anyway, best of luck to Coach Lea.  We'll keep an eye on who BG tracks down for a new defensive assistant.

I doubt if Lea knows that he is leaving BG to go to Syracuse...and that BG is unbeaten all-time against the Orangeman/Orange.

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