Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Falcons in Career Rankings....

We have a couple seniors who are making their way up the career lists at BGSU...of course, that's A'uston Calhoun and Jordon Crawford.  Here are the current rankings, taken from the BGSU game notes.

Calhoun is T-28th in career scoring with Martin Samarco.  With a 16-point game he would tie Rich Walker at #27 and with 17 points he would tie Joe Moore at #26.  He is 47 points short of the next guy, who is Ron Hammye (a blast from the past, yo.)

Crawford is #4 on the career assist list.  That is where he is likely to finish, because he trails the next guy--Brandon Pardon--by 117 assists, and with 12 games left (plus tournament), he won't get anywhere near that.

With 518 career rebounds, Calhoun is not currently in the top 15.  If he can get 82 rebounds (possible) than he would reach 600 and tie David Jenkins for #15.

Jordon Crawford has 106 3s.  With 11 more, he will enter the top 10.  He would need 25 to catch DeMar Moore and Brian Moten in 7th and 45 to catch Scott Thomas in 6th.

Crawford is tied for 6th in steals.  (The tie is with Antonio Daniels). With 14 steals, he would enter the top 5, tying McLeod.

One non-Crawford/Calhoun player is Cam Black.  He is #8 on the career blocked shot list and would move up a slot with 5 blocks.  By the way, the career leader is Otis Polk with 159.  Richaun Holmes has 53 so far in his first year.

All caveats apply.  We play more games now than we used to, so I think it is a little easier to rack up numbers.  Also, though, Calhoun had a lost season, so there is that, too.  Crawford has played a bunch of minutes, but he is (we should not forget) a remarkable player given his size.

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