Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tanski Named Falcon Football Captain

The Falcons announced their football captains for the coming season.  A couple of interesting things to note.

First, the captains are voted on by the players.  They are Dominic Flewellyn, Chris Jones, Ronnie Goble, Matt Schilz, Paul Swan and Bart Tanski.

Now a couple things about that.  First, it is unusual to have six captains, but Coach says that's how the votes fell.

It is even more unlikely to have a guy like Bart Tanski elected captain.  Tanski is a redshirt senior from Mentor, OH.  His story is pretty interesting.  His senior year, he was Ohio's Mr. Football, which means he was judged to be the best player in Ohio HS football in 2007.  Still, because of his size, he wasn't seeing D1 scholarship offers.  I'd have to believe DII or DIII or even NAIA were possibilities....if he couldn't play D1 you just have to believe that he could have found somewhere to play.

What he decided to do was walk-on at Bowling Green.  That means he's paying his own way in school. And, he hardly plays at all.  Moved to WR, he is our holder for FGs and Xps.  I don't know if he has even played a down on a scrimmage play.

So, digest that.  Mr. Football comes to Bowling Green and never gets into the games.

I think it is safe to say that a lot of guys would not have reacted very well to that.  I highly doubt they're still around in their fifth season.

Not only is Bart Tanski still here, but his attitude and leadership are so strong that his teammates made him a captain even though he is not a regular player.

Coach Clawson said that it spoke well of his team that they noticed Bart Tanski and elected him captain. I would agree.

It speaks highly of Bart Tanski, too.

Proud to have him in the Falcon Family.

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