Sunday, April 08, 2012

Scrimmage #2, Defense asks "How you like me now?"

The Falcon footballers scrimmaged yesterday.  You can hear what Coach had to say about it here, but he makes the most important point about scrimmages, which is that you can't really win.  If the defense plays well, that means the offense got beat, and vice versa.  In this scrimmage, the defense won.  The d-line beat the o-line and the CBs beat the WRs.  So, that's either good or bad.  Coach always says he prefers perfectly blocked plays in which the defensive free hitter gets the RB for a 3 yard gain.  I guess that didn't happen.

Anyway, two pieces of news.  First, the Spring game will be a true game.  We have enough guys, there will be a draft and then there will be an actual game, which seems good.  It will be orange vs. white....the team owns no brown jerseys.

Second, last year's K, Stephen Stein, has a slight break in his toe and is in a boot.  He'll be better in six weeks.

They certainly can't complain about the weather.

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