Saturday, April 21, 2012

Falcons Mentioned for OSU transfer

JD Weatherspoon is leaving Ohio State, and the Columbus Dispatch has indicated that Bowling Green might be a possible landing spot.

Now, if you are like me, you might have asked this question:

Who is JD Weatherspoon?

Well, first, to be clear, he was a player given a scholarship to play basketball at OSU, and that's something.  He is a 6'6" F who has played two years in Columbus, averaging 6 minutes a game.  He only played 10 games as a FR, due to some academic eligibility issues.

He's from Columbus Northland, and played for Satch Sullinger.  He was a good player there (13.5/6) and played on a very good team, obviously including Jared Sullinger.  They did not lose a City League game during that time.

ESPN ranked him a 3-star recruit (a 91) coming out of Northland, which would be a higher ranking then any player BG has recruited in recent memory.  They felt he was the #30 ranked SF in the country.

I don't usually cover recruits and offers until they make a commitment.  The only difference is that in this case the news is coming through the mainstream media and not through a recruiting site.

I don't know how likely this is.  Walter Offut did the same thing to OU and made a nice name for himself and Weatherspoon would be aware of that.  We have Dennis Hopson, a Buckeye legend on the bench.  Anyway, time will tell.

The idea is interesting, that's for sure.

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Mike said...

He would automatically become the best player on the team. Watching him in high school he was the most explosive player at Northland. He can rebound and finish close to the basket. Not quite sure if he has a good jump shot. He was originally recruited by Sean Miller at Xavier. Miller went to Arizona but Weatherspoon didn't follow.