Sunday, April 29, 2012

MAC Draft Round Up and Free Agent Signings

On the Falcon side, two BG players will be heading into NFL training camps, and we congratulate them.  Thousands of players strive for these spots, and to make a training camp is an accomplishment on its own and should not be diminished.

Ben Bojicic signed with the Bengals and Kamar Jorden signed with the Vikings.  Obviously, it is a long shot, but every year each team keeps 1-2 of these guys, and why not Ben or Kamar?  We'll be watching and rooting for them.

Draft-wise, it was looking pretty bleak yesterday for the MAC.  The 6th round was underway, and there had been only one player picked from a current MAC school and that was Brandon Brooks, a G from Miami who went to the Texans in the 3rd round, #76 overall.  (As you know, we don't consider Temple to be in the MAC anymore, because they don't consider themselves to be in the MAC anymore, which is directly related to the fact that they are NOT in the MAC anymore).

The 6th round was limping along, and I was starting to wonder if we might end up with only 1 or maybe 2 players.   This would have meant the MAC would have had as many draft picks as Albion College.

Anyhoo, that didn't happen.  Lavon Brazill, who was the MAC's second most draftable player, was picked by the Colts in the 6th at #206.

Then, 3 guys went in the last round.  Jordan White of WMU, who I thought had a shot at getting drafted, went to the Jets. Then, their stud kicker, John Potter (not related to the guy in It's a Wonderful Life) went to Buffalo.

Finally, in a bit of injustice, Chandler Harnish was the last player taken and will forever be Mr. Irrelevant to the world.  Those of us who saw him play saw an electric athlete who was almost impossible to defend--but now he's someone else.  He was drafted by the Colts, who also drafted another QB this year.

The biggest news MAC-wise was that Eric Page, who left UT early, was not drafted.  He did sign a free agent deal with the Bucs.  They say it is better to get a free agent deal than to be drafted in the last round because you have some control over the situation you head into.  As I had written in my draft preview, I was concerned Page would not be drafted.  I'm not sure staying at UT would have improved it any more next year, and perhaps that was his thinking.

He was the 38th ranked receiver and 33 WRs were picked in the draft, so he was relatively close.  Again, being undrafted is a long shot, but people still do it and I would not be surprised to see Page on the Bucs roster or practice squad when September comes.

The other UDFA announcements are sprinkling in...we'll check in later when there might be a more complete list.  (For example, the listing does not include Kellen Moore to the Lions, which everyone knows about).

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