Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Game Rosters Set

The Spring Game I write, a little less than 48 hours away.  The "coaches" of the game are sportswriters Jack Carle of the Sentinel and John Wagner of The Blade.  They have promised that there will be no bounties placed on the opposing players.  They are going to keep it clean.  The actual players were chosen by Chris Jones (white team) and Matt Schilz (orange team).  They selected the teams that will compete on Wednesday.

It will be a pretty much normal game.  The first half will be run with a normal clock schedule and the second half will have a running clock.  There will be standard scoring.  No Stableford system this year.

And you will get to see the video board.

Some notes:

  • After careful analysis, I make the Orange team a 2 point favorite.
  • OK.  I made that up.
  • Jones, BooBoo Gates and Dwayne Woods, our three best defensive players, are on the same team. (White).
  • The White team also has Je'Ron Stokes and Shaun Joplin, working with Matt Johnson.
  • The Orange team will rely on Herve Coby and Jermal Hosley at WR.
  • The O-lines look pretty evenly split.
  • Jamel Martin and John Pettigrew are on opposite teams, leaving RB pretty even.
  • Brian Schmeidebusch will punt for both teams and Malik Stokes will backup both teams at QB.

Anyway, it is always nice to be out at the Doyt.  Forecasts are for the winds to be normal, which would be very nice.  There have been so very frosty "Spring" games out at the Doyt.

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