Sunday, April 01, 2012

BG's Men's Hoops out of conference play....

Now, as part of our review of the season, I always think it is worthwhile to look back at all those teams we played in November and December and see how things ended up for them.  Sometimes a December win starts to look better (or worse) in that light.

In general, BG played a decent out of conference schedule.  Based on the RPI of our opponents (conference included), this was the best schedule BG has played during the Orr years.  Georgia, MSU, Duquesne, Temple and Valpo all ended up with 100 (ish) RPIs or lower.  The composite RPI was 143; it is only the second time we have played an RPI schedule below 200 during Orr's years.

It was the 5th best schedule in the MAC, though it is right in the ballpark with a couple of other ones.  Look....

  1. Akron    99
  2. Miami 99
  3. Buffalo 136
  4. WMU  137
  5. BGSU 143
  6. OU 145
  7. Kent 176
  8. CMU  245
  9. NIU 255
  10. EMU 274
  11. UT 289
  12. BSU 323

I think this is interesting.  First, because MAC scheduling is not done in advance (mostly), you have the ability to tailor your schedule to fit what you think your team is.  Note the big gap between Kent at 7 and the teams below.  As you can see, the teams at the bottom who were expecting to struggle seemed to have planned for that.

Honestly, no one does it better than Billy Taylor at Ball State.  For his team to have their record with that good at all.

It will be interesting if Miami keeps their philosophy of scheduling tough under their new regime, whoever it might be.

I suspect BG will be back in the 200s next season.  Just a hunch.

Anyway, here's the 411 on our opponents.

at Georgia

Final Record and RPI:  15-17, 100
Conference Finish:  10th-Tied
Post-Season: None
Comments: Key wins over Notre Dame (neutral) and Florida.

Austin Peay

Final Record and RPI:  12-20, 188
Conference Finish:  T-6th
Post-Season:  None
Comments: 12-11 after losing first 9 games. Won @Tennessee.


Final Record and RPI:  22-14, 129
Conference Finish:  T-3 in regular season, won conference tournament
Post-Season:  Lost to Kansas in first round of NCAAs
Comments: Much better when Holman got back.  Beat Cleveland State only once but when it counted in tourney.

George Washington

Final Record and RPI:  10-21, 177
Conference Finish:  Tied-11th
Post-Season: None.
Comments: Finished season with 2 wins in 12 games.


Final Record and RPI:  24-8, 22
Conference Finish:  Regular season champs, lost to UMASS
Post-Season:  Lost in first round to South Florida
Comments: Beat Duke.  Becoming known for quick exits.

at Western Kentucky

Final Record and RPI:  16-19, 174
Conference Finish:  Regular Season 7th, won tournament.
Post-Season:  Won play-in game, lost to Big Blue
Comments:  Fired coach mid-season and made tourney, two things BG did not do.


Final Record and RPI:  12-15
Conference Finish: ?
Post-Season:  ?
Comments: Win over Findlay highlights season

at Valparaiso

Final Record and RPI:  22-12, 103
Conference Finish:  Won Regular Season, lost to Detroit in final
Post-Season:  Lost to University of Miami in NIT Round 1
Comments:  Lost 3 times to a team with an RPI over 200

at Michigan State

Final Record and RPI:  29-8, 3
Conference Finish: Tied for regular season title, won tournament
Post-Season: Lost to Louisville in Sweet 16
Comments::  One of the premier programs

at Florida International

Final Record and RPI:  8-11, 247
Conference Finish:  Tied-10th
Post-Season:  Spent on the beach
Comments:  What does Isaiah have to do to get fired?

at Duquesne

Final Record and RPI:  16-15, 99
Conference Finish:  9th.
Post-Season:  No
Comments:  Coach fired, unbelievably.  How can Isaiah work and this guy not?

at Texas San Antonio

Final Record and RPI:  18-14, 196
Conference Finish:  Tied-4th
Post-Season: None
Comments:  Win over Oral Roberts Highlights Season

Morehead State

Final Record and RPI: 18-15, 168
Conference Finish:  3rd
Post-Season:  None
Comments:  Name of school makes 8 out of 12 junior high boys giggle

at Oakland

Final Record and RPI:  20-16, 138
Conference Finish:  3rd
Post-Season: Won 3 home games in CIT before losing @Utah State
Comments: BG Grad Kampe solid coach

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