Saturday, March 19, 2011

Take your Medicine--Part II

OK, Kids.  The second installment of Take Your Medicine goes back to our November game-by-game predictions.  This is an annual exercise in humility that does not disappoint this year.

I picked 19 games right and 11 wrong, which, frankly, is not really too humbling given the wild swings this team had.  Obviously, I had some trouble early on, but I did not expect that we would lose to Howard or to Niagara and Albany on a neutral floor, and I think we shouldn't have lost those games to this day.  You can't be wronger than I was in the Duquesne game.  Meanwhile, I thought we would lose @St. L, Miami, OU and Ball State, and we did not.

On the other hand, I thought we would beat WMU, Akron and Kent at home, and we in fact, did not.

On balance, I thought we would go 16-14 and 8-8 not counting the bracket buster, and we went 13-17 and 8-8 in comparable games. So I saw us 3 games better than we were for the season and right on for the MAC, though with some variations on how you get there.

11/12/2010 at Howard WIN  (WRONG)
11/15/2010 Ohio Dominican WIN  (RIGHT)
11/18/2010 at Michigan LOSE (RIGHT)
11/22/2010 Duquesne WIN (OH, OH, SO WRONG)
11/26/2010 vs Niagara Detroit, Mich.WIN (WRONG)
11/27/2010 at Detroit Detroit, Mich. LOSE (RIGHT)
11/28/2010 vs Albany Detroit, Mich. WIN (WRONG)
12/4/2010 at Michigan State LOSE (RIGHT)
12/8/2010 Western Kentucky LOSE (RIGHT)
12/12/2010 Florida International WIN (RIGHT)
12/18/2010 at Wisconsin-Milwaukee LOSE (RIGHT)
12/22/2010 Manhattan WIN (RIGHT)
12/30/2010 Texas San Antonio WIN (RIGHT)
1/1/2011 at St. Louis LOSE (WRONG)
1/8/2011 at Buffalo WIN (RIGHT)
1/11/2011 at Kent State LOSE (RIGHT)
1/16/2011 Miami (Ohio) LOSE (WRONG)
1/19/2011 Ohio LOSE (WRONG)
1/22/2011 at Akron LOSE (RIGHT)
1/25/2011 at Toledo WIN (RIGHT)
1/29/2011 Eastern Michigan WIN (RIGHT)
2/2/2011 at Northern Illinois WIN (RIGHT)
2/5/2011 Western Michigan WIN (WRONG)
2/9/2011 Ball State LOSE (WRONG)
2/12/2011 at Central Michigan LOSE (RIGHT)
2/15/2011 Akron WIN (WRONG)
2/23/2011 at Ohio LOSE (RIGHT)
2/26/2011 at Miami (Ohio) LOSE (RIGHT)
3/1/2011 Kent State WIN (WRONG)
3/4-5/2011 Buffalo WIN (RIGHT)

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