Monday, March 14, 2011

Half of the MAC plays on.....

Yes, indeed, that is correct.  50% of the Mid-American conference men's basketball teams are in post-season fact, the only team that would have been appropriate that is not in post-season play is Ball State, and their Coach said it was because they didn't want to pay to play.

That's interesting, given that the MAC is 20th in average RPI, behind even the Atlantic Sun and the Southern Conference.  Depending on how you look at it, it is possible we are not that bad. While there is no outstanding team in the MAC, there are a lot of bad ones bringing the average down.

For example.   There are 345 D1 basketball teams.  The MAC has four teams ranked 300 or below:

  • CMU (306)
  • NIU (317)
  • EMU (328)
  • UT (337)

The very worst conferences (MEAC, SWAC, Great West) have 5 or 6--not as many more as you would hope.

So, looking at the conference as a whole, you could make a case that the league first  6 are a lot more competitive than the bottom 4.

Here is the lineup for the MAC:


Buffalo @ Quinnipiac


Kent@St. Mary's (if both teams feel like playing, this could be good).
OU at Marshall


Tennessee Tech @ WMU
Miami @ Rhode Island


Akron vs. Notre Dame, United Center, Chicago

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