Tuesday, March 08, 2011

More MAC Awards...

The MAC Awards for Freshmen, 6th Man and Defensive player of the year came out today.

I give the MAC media credit.  While I stated yesterday that they decided Greene would win before the season started and that they would do the same with Trey Zeigler as Freshman of the Year, they did, in fact, give the award to the more deserving player, Javon McCrea of Buffalo.  Good for them.  (Vote was 10-9).

Often wrong, never in doubt is our motto.

The 6th man award went to Carlton Guyton of Kent.  I can't argue with that.  The whole award is artificial to me, because sometimes guys start but play less that the reserve, in effect making the bench player the more important.  I just think it is hard to gauge an actual sixth man.

Having said that, Guyton is a good player who would be starting most places in the MAC.

Finally, Michael Porrini of Kent was named the defensive player of the year.  He's a really, really good player.

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