Saturday, March 19, 2011

Clawson Presser

The football team has started spring practice at the Doyt, and Coach Clawson met with the media after the first practice.  You can go to to see the full video as well as a photo gallery.  As always, I have listened so you don't have to.

There are three goals.

First, everyone should know what we are trying to accomplish.  This is the 3rd season in the system, so people should definitely know what the system is.  Also, and this is incredible, but there are only two teams in the MAC with more time in their system.  So, there's no excuse for being new anymore.

Second, Coach is excited about the internal competition, which is something he has talked about a lot.  He said that some jobs were more or less given out in the past, but with talented depth at every position, practices should improve.  And, even if for example, Chris Jones remained the #1, it would help the team a great deal if he only had to play 50 snaps.

Third, we need to be a more physical team, which means running the ball and stopping the run.  This has been the program's defining struggle dating well prior to Clawson's arrival, so I think all fans would love to see this fixed

A few other notes:

  • He is excited about LB.
  • Paul Swan had a great off-season
  • Gabe Martin and DJ Lynch give depth after being injured last year.

Having only 2 QBs as opposed to the 4 we were working out last Spring is also a big advantage.  You aren't wasting reps on somebody who is not going to play.  He says both Hurley and Schilz have high upsides.

You can't talk Falcon football without talking about the offensive line.

  • Ben Bojicic had surgery and will have no contact this Spring.
  • Scott Lewis is also on crutches and out for the Spring
  • The 3 juco guys are on in camp and have improved the depth already.  We have a full two-deep on the line which we did not have last year.
  • Chip Robinson is taking snaps at center.
  • Darion Delaney had a great off-season
Also out for the spring are Ronnie Goble, Jarius Campbell and Zak Akenberger.

There have been no major position changes.

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