Monday, March 21, 2011

3 MAC Teams Still playing

Lost in the Big Dance hype (and what a weekend it was), we now take a second to check how MAC teams are doing out in the wilderness of the minor post-season tournaments. And the answer is, not too shabby.

Kent has reached the quarterfinals of the NIT.  They went to Cali and beat St. Mary and then went out east and beat Fairfield.  I know this is the NIT, but this is a nice run for these guys.  They play @Colorado tomorrow night at 9, in what should be a good game.  A win would be very nice for the conference, especially as Colorado was The Official Aggrieved Party of the 2011 NCAA Tourney.

Buffalo and OU are still alive in the tournament, which is for mid-majors only.

OU won their first game in the tournament, beating Marshall.  Buffalo won @Quinnipiac and @WMU to make the quarterfinals.  OU plays @East Tennessee State and Buffalo plays @Iona tomorrow night in quarterfinal play.  (OU only needed one game to make the quarters due to the bracket they use).

The Buffalo-Iona game will be interesting for a certain announcer from the NCAA tournament, who insisted several times during the Akron-Notre Dame game that Akron had beaten Iona to win the MAC/MAAC Championship.  I'd like to think he'll see that and feel foolish, but I have no high hopes.

To close the loop, Miami qualified for the CBI and lost @Rhode Island in the first round.

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