Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reckoning our opponents

So, with the men's basketball season over, I wanted to take a look at how our opponents did for the season.  I've listed their final record, RPI, and where they finished in their conference, along with post-season play.

For the second straight year, BG's top out of conference win was over St. Louis.  This one was on the road, but their RPI is not really very good.  Of course, the win over TX-San Antonio also looks nice, given their victory in the PIG last night in Dayton.  Beyond that, there was a win over a sad FIU program and a Manhattan team that fired their coach at the end of the season.

In total, based on RPI, BG's top win was over Miami.

The worst out of conference loss for BG was the first...losing to Howard is just never going to look good.  They were a terrible team, one of the 20 worst in the NCAA.  In any other year, losing to Niagara and Youngstown State would also suffice as pretty bad, especially Niagara on a neutral court.

Five of these teams got into post-season play...MSU, UM and UTSA in the NCAA, Milwaukee in the NIT and Duquesne in the CBI.

Obviously, there were some tough games on this schedule, but a number of winnable ones, too.

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