Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trivia Answers

1. Every Falcon fan knows that we have never won the tournament. We did, however, finish with a win ONE time. What were the circumstances to that?

In 1982 there was a consolation game, and BG beat WMU, thus ending the tournament with a win.

2. Bowling Green has been in the final three times--who are our other (non-OU) losses.

Toledo (1980) and Kent (2002)

3. If a Falcon fan went into a coma in 1979 and woke up today, and you explained the MAC tournament to him and asked him what team has knocked BG out the most, he would, without hesitation, say "Miami." And he would be right (7). Who has knocked BG out the second most times?

Kent, 5 times.

4. BG is 17-26 in the tourney (remember it is impossible to lose more than once every year). How many of those twenty-six losses were to lower-seeded teams?


5. Qualification in the MAC tourney is automatic now, but it was not always so. How many times has Bowling Green failed to make the tournament at all.

3, the same number of finals we have been in.

6. When was our last MAC tourney win?

In 2005, we defeated BSU 75-73 at Anderson Arena, in a game where two Falcons committed misdemeanor assault as Ball had a shot to win the game. Allegedly.

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