Monday, March 02, 2009

Football Scheduling Update

Ah, that lovely time of year when football schedules are torn asunder in an every-man for himself game of, uh, something. Something not nice. In NASCAR, they call it the "silly season." In college football, it is a game of screw or be screwed....

So, with that, news about the Falcon football schedule.

First, ESPN reported that BGSU might have over-scheduled and be having problems with its October 3 home game against Wyoming.

Then, news from Colorado that the Falcons might make a move and end up hosting Colorado.

Finally, also from, there is the following that actually quotes Greg Christopher directly, but indicates a willingness to help the conference out.

"I've seen different scenarios, but right now our four nonconference games have not changed," Christopher said. "But I also know Rick Chryst, our commissioner, and [deputy commissioner] Bob Gennarelli have both been working on different scenarios, trying to piece together the conference schedules. And some of those scenarios have us staying exactly the way we are, some have some things moving around. I think clearly they're not going to just make decisions without our input and without our final OK on nonconference games, so I haven't seen anything formal put in front of me.
I know this kind of talk makes many Falcons fans nervous. Our willingness to help out has hurt us in the past, and the rewards are not always evident. So, any Falcon fan should be heartened to hear these words below....(emphasis added)

"What I've told Rick [Chryst] is that we're fine with the four games we have now," Christopher said. "We've got four contracts and we expect to play those four games. If there is a scenario that would help the conference or help Bowling Green, we would be willing to listen to that. One of things we don't want to do is go to five home games and seven road games. This is the first time in I don't know how many years that Bowling Green is in a position to have six home games. It's something that when I got here was important to get that sixth home game. That's something I want to keep."

Amen Brother!!! Speak it!! Six home games! That is right. Falcon fans want to be at the Doyt six times this year, and you're sticking up for just go, Greg Christopher. Six is the magic number.

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