Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Prospectus Out

The Spring Prospectus is out for the football team, always a happy day for any healthy, obsessed member of the Falcon Nation. There isn't a whole lot of info that's new...we don't even have a spring two-deep to use for uninformed speculation.

A couple of notes. I compared the roster to the roster we had when we had when we took the field against Toledo, and, given that we had a new Coach, we didn't lose very many players over the winter. Fans who recall the Meyer Exodus will be pleased at this.

The only letterwinner who is not listed on the Spring Roster is LB Josh Sheidler of Stow, who would have been a R-JR. He wasn't on the two-deep last year.

Also not listed were Derrick Coker, JJ Laseak and Micheal Long, each of whom were walk-ons.

Finally (hat tip to Warthog at, Eric Ransom is listed on the roster, with his class noted as TBA. That would seem to indicate that he is applying for a final year of eligibility. I don't know much about Eric Ransom, and sadly we haven't seen him play as much as we would have hoped, but his desire to play football through all these injuries is pretty impressive.

Obviously, if he is able to contribute (even for limited plays) it would be a big lift for our football team.

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