Friday, November 09, 2007

The Orr Era Begins--Update, and the Dusan era ends, with updated recruiting scorecard

When the referee tosses the ball in between a player from Bowling Green and a player from Western Carolina at 5 PM today in Cincinnati, OH, the Louis Orr era will begin.

Let's hope it does not end until we have appeared in the Big Dance.


BGSU has announced that Dusan Radivojevic has left the Falcon program by "mutual agreement" with Coach Orr.

At the same time, Matt Karaffa, a guard from West Chester, OH, has joined the roster as a walk-on, is in Cincinnati with the team and is expected to play.

This says more about the Orr era than you might think. Dusan was recruited by Coach Dakich and was supposed to be a shooter type that seem to emerge from those European countries. Suffice to say, he never transition to division I hoops. Sometimes, he seemed to be a reliable passer/cog in the motion offense, but he never shot well and wasn't athletic enough to defend.

He continued to get minutes last year, but, reading between the lines, Coach Orr didn't think he could contribute, even a little, even on a very shallow team.

Obviously, you wish Dusan well. It would be great to see him finish his degree, if he can swing it financially.

Just for the sake of the record, below is more on the utter wasteland of our hoops recruiting.

Falcon Hoops Recruiting Scorecard, Updated November, 2007

Stephen Wright--Productive player, left prior to his senior season.
Ron Lewis--Two productive seasons, no junior year. Prominent Big 10 player.
Raheem Moss--26 games, two starts, 66 career points, left program. Contributing at Cleveland State.

Chris Hobson, 28 games, 51 points, left program.
Austin Montgomery 56 games, 189 points, transfered.
Reggie Harwell--Nada.
Matt Lefeld--A contributing senior and a true warrior. Academic All-American
Isaac Rosefelt--24 minutes, two points. Left Program for stellar DIII career.
John Floyd--Played 59 games averaging 8.4 ppg. 247 career assists Left program.


Scott Vandermeer, 60 points and 40 fouls. Transfered.
Moon Robinson, Left program after sophomore season. Transferred.
Mawel Soler, completed eligibility. Effective player, even good in spots.


Jeremy Holland--left program after one practice
Nick Wilson--left program without playing a game.
Lionel Sullivan--Sayonara. 30 minutes, 6 points.
Dusan--Minor contributions. Left program prior to Junior Season.
Erik Marschall--appears to be legit.
Daryl Clements--Inconsistent, but appears ready to be a role player at worst.
Brian Moten--high credentials, came on strong at end of sophomore season.
Martin Samarco--2nd team All-MAC, legit D1 player. Finished career.


Ryne Hamblett--Contributing player, came on strong, looking to be scorer next year.
Brandon Bland--Left the program.
Marc Larson--Getting some minutes.
Otis Polk--huge man, huge upside.
Ryan Sims--has big potential, is contributing, though he fell off the radar.
Nate Miller--All-MAC honorable mention. Great get for the program.

07-08 (Too soon to tell)
Chris Knight
Joe Jakubowski
Cameron Madlock

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