Thursday, November 15, 2007

Buffalo Bulls Preview

First of all, you have to say this as it relates to the Buffalo Bulls....


I mean, Buffalo sucking in football is a bedrock principle of this conference. Its right up there with hating Marshall.

But times change. Marshall is gone (and sucks) and Buffalo is now playing well in the MAC.

They play something like the UT offense---heavy running and very high % passes. They don't get a lot of passing yards, but they complete a high %. Before the game, let's review the record. The simple fact is, this team is not an offensive powerhouse. If we make them look like one, let's make sure to call it what it is.

  • 7th in MAC in Scoring
  • 10th in total offense
  • 10th in Yards per play (5.1)
  • 9th in Passing Yards (but first in completion %)
  • 9th in Rushing Yards (only 3.6 yards/Carry)
  • 2nd in pass efficiency--13:6, 68% Completions
  • 9th in 3rd down conversion

They also play tough D--third in the conference in scoring defense. But, they are 12th in passing defense, and give up a considerable amount of yards. Their run defense is third in the MAC. We need our offense (having scored on 14 out of the last 19 drives) to keep up that production.

Special teams? 3rd in net punting, pretty reliable place kicker, cover kickoffs well. Appears to not actually lose them games.

Just as importantly, they are playing for their lives. If they lose, Miami clinches the MAC East, and they will be 4-7, with no prospect of a bowl game. They are going to be playing very hard. And they are at home.

This is a nice test for our guys. We've won 2 in a row, and haven't won three in a row since 2005 in the game right before the Omar injury, when the sun shone brightly in the East and our program began to slide.

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