Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Meet one of the most honored players in our program's history....

That's Kory Lichtensteiger. Kory was named first-team all MAC this week. That means that for each of his four years at BG, he was either first or second team All-MAC.

No debate about it. That honor alone--which comes from the people who game plan against him--makes him a historic player in our program.

You may not have noticed Kory. That's because his shotgun snaps hit Tyler Sheehan's hands with scary precision. That's because you don't hear his number called for penalties, and because he makes his blocks. He's #3 on Kiper's list of draft centers. He's the best player we have had a in a long time that no one has ever heard of.

So, first, all honors to Kory, the best football player on our team.

We had other players get some honors, too. Now, believe it or not, we had 8 players on the All-MAC teams, and Western Michigan had 10.......big ol' WTF on that one. Anyhow, here's the rest of the honored Falcons:


Senior center Kory Lichtensteiger
Junior defensive end Diyral Briggs.

Second team:

Senior Tackle Drew Nystrom
Soph Safety P.J. Mahone.

Third Team:

Soph QB Tyler Sheehan
Soph WR Freddie Barnes
Jr. K Sinia Vrvilo
Jr. CB Antonio Smith

Nice job, Guys. A few notes:

  • Coach Brandon was third in coach of the year voting. Its hard to argue with Turner Gill making Buffalo into a contender.
  • I can only quibble a little with one pick. It seems like Kenny Lewis--who is a big play guy, might have fit in here. But, Antonio Smith is a good cover guy.
  • The combined person John Haneline/Glen Stanley should have been All-MAC
  • I like the number of sophomores we have getting honors. A lot.

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