Monday, November 12, 2007

Eagles, final observations.....

Some final stray observations on our win @ EMU...

We caught break when the EMU player was doing pushups after they stopped us and got a taunting penalty. What a joke.

EMU exhibited a comedy of errors as it related to the simple extra point. First, they missed one. Then, they went for two to tie and missed. This was way too soon to go for 2 in a game with that much scoring. We followed with a FG to lead by 5 and they got a TD. Now they had to go for 2, and missed again, leading by 1. Had they kicked both xps, they would have led by 3.

EMU--awful game environment. The reported attendance was 4,000-something. I think they counted chromosones, not fans. It is a nice facility, but sadly empty and lonely for a D-I school. I have been to high school games with far more people.

Many people question EMU's commitment to D1 football. I don't know about that. Genyk is a good coach, I think, but they have been bad for a long time. I mean they have their 1987 CAL Bowl banner up in the end zone. Anyway, I believe it is going to be hard to recruit to that school, especially if you bring the recruits to a game.

EMU does have a very strong athletic program, just not in men's hoops and football. Third in Reese (Men's--BG was last) and 7th in women's.

Finally, Tyler Sheehan made a couple of big plays with his feet. If he can scramble--even a little--he becomes a much more dangerous weapon.

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