Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bowl Game Speculation------Updated.....

Quick note for a Tuesday. Presser review is upcoming, but there's not much to talk about, really.

According to media reports, each of the three MAC bowls is in play. Based on speculation and uninformed opinion, here is what I see....

CMU will end up in the Motor City Bowl. Don't see this changing.
The scuttlebutt around the program is that we are headed to the GMAC Bowl. For my own selfish reasons, I hope that is not true, but time will tell.

My hope will be the Miami would beat CMU, be bowl eligible, and head to Mobile with their better traveling team and well heeled alumni. We then go to Toronto.

If CMU beats Miami, then I suspect we go to Mobile and Ball State goes to Toronto.

Of course, we could go to Mobile and Miami to Toronto, too.

Not complaining...a bowl game is huge for our program. At this point, it looks like Mobile. One nice thing about that game is that the game is everything in that town for the days before the game. You don't get that in Toronto or Detroit, where its just another game. You get a real bowl environment in Mobile.

Apparently if we go to Mobile, its Tulsa, which will be a nice match up for us. If we play in Toronto, that would be Rutgers or South Florida--again, a really good challenge for the team. You hate to make the bowl game and have to play the Sun Belt conference.

Time will tell. We are supposed to know this weekend.

Update: The Blade now indicates that the GMAC is the choice.

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