Saturday, January 27, 2007

"At some point you've got to be self-motivated, have self-pride that you're just not going to get beat anymore," Dakich said.

Bad to worse. We lost to CMU, who was down two of its best players, including its second best scorer. Final 71-68, and we led by nine at the half. Just to keep the record going, that's six in a row, and 13 out of our last 14 MAC games. Given that a MAC season is 16 games, we're almost to the equivalent of a full season with only one win. Our last MAC win was more than a year ago.

The tale of woe goes on and on. It is becoming practically impossible to believe that we won't make a change, much as I might wish otherwise. We could easily finish 3-13 or 4-12 in the MAC. Or, we're right on the verge of turning it around...if we are, there are no visible signs of it.

Some notes:

  • We shot better than CMU and we out rebounded them. Yet, we lost. Why...
  • We committed 35 fouls. CMU shot 43 FTs. This game was only close because they missed 18 of them.
  • We also turned the ball over 24 times.
  • Martin only got 7 shots. Teams have figured that one out. He ended up with 18 points due to FTs.
  • Nate Miller 18 points and six boards. He will continue to be a very good player for this team in his career.
  • Odd, odd playing patterns continue. People who didn't play at all in the last game start this time.
  • We had a shot late, but kept turning the ball over.
  • Coach didn't show up for this post-game interview.

I hope our guys keep playing. I am worried that we might start to mail it in as it becomes clearer and clearer that we will reboot the system next season. If our AD is going to keep Dakich, he should say so now. Otherwise, I just see smaller crowds and bigger defeats.

We play Ball State on Wednesday. They aren't very good either, but there is no game we can count on winning at this point.

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