Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hello Blogpoll Readers

Welcome to the home of Mr. Bold and Mr. Stubborn, and an owner of a suspected whack ballot. I knew my pick of Auburn would be something few would agree with. Here's the explanation I posted when I put my ballot up.

Getting really tough. One quick point. I know that people are really raking Auburn over for their loss to Georgia--even dropping them from the top 10. I see no reason they can be ranked behind LSU, though. Auburn has wins over LSU (hello) and Florida, while losing to Arkansas (a pretty good team we now know) and Georgia. On the other hand, LSU has only one quality win--over Tennessee, which, it now appears really was overrated, and loses to Auburn (hello!) and Florida (a team Auburn beat).

Meanwhile, Auburn has a better resume that Texas, ND and Cal (who lost to AZ). To me, Auburn is still a top 10 team.

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