Friday, November 17, 2006

Falcons Hoops Lose D1 Opener

The Falcons went to Jonesboro AR to play the Indians of Arkansas State last night. What emerged was a team that couldn't shoot (ours) vs. a team that couldn't take care of the ball (theirs.) The home team (theirs) won the game by 10.

The uglies:

  • BG shot 27% from the field--22% in the first half, and 32% in the second half. This is in stark contrast to the 60% we can shoot against D3 competiton. (Samarco was 5-23).
  • After all the talk of the promise of some of our new guys, BG played its normal seven man rotation last night. Only Clements, Lefeld, Dusan, Hamblett, Samarco, Moten and Marschall played serious time. Younger players like Sims (a little) and Polk and Larson (DNP) were missing. Lionel Simmons, after red-shirting last year, has yet to hit the floor this year, either. (Gut feeling: transfer alert).
  • Arkansas State had a 20 point lead early in the second half. BG eventually cut the lead to 2, but apparently ran out of gas. Horrific shooting will do that for you.
  • In the post game show, Coach had a great line. He said (more or less), "I don't mean to be a smart aleck, but I didn't think we were going to have trouble making layups. We practice that. I don't mean breakaways, but driving layups. And we couldn't hit those."
  • We only made 13 turnovers, but A-state made 29, and still won the game.
  • We committed 25 fouls, and the Indians shot 31 FTs.
  • From Coach and Todd Walker's observations, we guarded hard all night.
  • How about that Todd Walker--leaves a water logged Doyt and is in Arkansas the next freaking day!
So, the Falcons next have Furman, which runs a Princeton-style backcut attack that I am looking forward to seeing. It has been years since I have seen it live--since, in fact, Princeton played at BG when I was in college. Nervous fans will be watching for signs of life from this team.

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