Friday, November 04, 2005

"What are they going to do, bench me,"

The storyline is this: Joey, freed from the pressure of carrying the team, has found himself, firing balls all over practice. With nothing to lose, he begins to play, finally. According to Killer, the team has a little more confidence in him.

Running the scout team might be a lot like playing the Minnesota Vikings, but its not the exact same thing.

On the plus side, Roy Williams and Mike Williams look like they might play. According to the Killer, Vines is our best receiver right now, anway. Mooch may bench Rogers to send a message to him. On the other hand, Killer is calling for him to get hooked into the offense right off the bat so he can set up a big game.

Don't know what to think. It would be Classic Lions--I mean, CLASSIC LIONS--for him to have an all-pro game out there Sunday against a badly sucking Viking team, even on the road.

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