Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lions commentary slowly dwindling

as my apathy increases. Its just another crappy, hopeless year, looking like another 6 win season and another wasted high draft pick.

Today, frankly, could have been worse. You start out as a bad team playing against a good team, without five starters on defense and your "starting" QB. I thought the defense played very courageously at times, but you can't dismiss the 17 penalties, the most for the Lions in 35 years, and a team that cannot run the ball at all. We also gave up something like 26 first downs, though 9 were on penalties. Joey was OK, but his completion % is inflated by the extremely safe set of plays he is allowed to execute. He didn't make any mistakes. Roy was good, and CRog appeared to finally act like he cared--the same week the Lions tried to collect his bonus back from him, in what amounts either to "sending a message" or yet another self-injuring move by what could be the worst franchise in pro sports.

Well, look for another loss against a hungry Falcon team on Thursday, and we're now 4-7 and looking at another losing season.

Did you see the look on Mooch's face. He was trying to get that Cowher frown going, but he just doesn't have it in him. He looked pissed off, but like he was out of practice being pissed off.

I believe his job is in jeopardy. If this team can finally make a hire, I still don't think this team is so far from competing. But, you'd never guess it from this debacle.

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